Amazing Stop Motions to inspire your creativity

If you're looking for inspiration for your own stop motion movies, check out these examples from around the world.


The Harryhausen Chronicles

A six part documentary about Ray Harryhausen, a pioneer in stop-motion animation.







Smallest stop motion

A car advert that fits on a fingernail – click here

Dot – A microscopic mini-adventure – click here

Making of dot – click here

Largest stop motion

A supersized stop motion fishing adventure - click here

For the making of – click here

Oldest stop motion

Facts about the oldest stopmotion film in existence - click here

Fastest frame rate

The world's fastest camera snaps six million pics in a single second – click here


A mesmerising stop motion of sculpture in Melbourne – click here


A day in the life in California – click here


Intriguing acorn to oak time lapse captured with stop motion over an 8 month period - click here

Amazing Sky

Enchanting display of Aurora Borealis captured with stop motion in full effect – click here or here

Using people

Living a life from bed – click here

Human PacMan in stop motion – click here

Check out stop motion in these music videos with a difference click - here or here or here

Can humans really be used as skateboards? – click here

Using whiteboard

Present your ideas with a whiteboard using stop motion – click here

Using Post It notes

It's Post It note pandemonium! – click here

making of – click here


Lego news – click here

Lego madness– click here


A story told with toast – click here


A photographic journey – click here

Using Lego

Special Crime Unit – the plot thickens with lego – click here

Book Council Going West

Book Council Going West – a true story book adventure – click here

Bonnie and Rhys wedding

The wedding day in stop motion – click here

Western Spaghetti

A unique way to cook Spaghetti – click here




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