Getting additional sound effects and music

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When searching for audio files for the soundtrack, some sites give numbers indicating the quality of their sounds. Higher numbers generally indicate higher quality. The numbers are important when comparing one sound with another.

The file size may be an indicator of the potential quality of the sound, but there are other ways to assess the recording quality.

Here is more information about recording quality:

Ultimately, the best way to assess the quality of the sound is to listen carefully and decide whether you like the realism of the sound. In particular, if the sound starts and ends with noise rather than silence it could be heavily compressed – perhaps avoid that one.

Sound effects

Sound effects (also known as Foley sounds) intensify the mood of the movie. They make real things, such as a thunder clap, more dramatic. They can also add a new sensation, such as the spine chilling noise of steel on steel, when entering a dark room.

Make great savings on these excellent sites for sound effects and music libraries:


Audioblocks (link includes referral coupon code to save up to 90%) has sound effects, music and loops. There is a low cost annual fee and then enjoy unlimited downloads from their 100,000+ tracks, including the free Album of the Month. We've made hundreds of stop motion movies using audio from Audioblocks.

Blastwave FX

Blastwave FX has packs of themed sound effects. If you're looking for one resource for action type sound effects, Heroes and Villains could be it. 1000 sounds effects including weapons, impacts, crashes, explosions, vehicles, robots, super powers, ambiences and tons more! (purchase from Pro Sound Effects (see below) and save 20%).
If you're still undecided, check out their free download of sample sounds.

Pro Sound Effects

Pro Sound Effects specialise in sound effects. They offer individual sounds from $5, monthly plans and themed libraries from leading producers including Blastwave FX.

Here are some other excellent sites for sound effects:


Music creates identity for your stop motion. It can change of the tone of the story, so take care to choose the right type of music.

These are some types of music which are used for different purposes:

Here are some excellent sites for music:

There are many other sites which have music files including Music for Video, Neumann Films, IB Audio, Dawn Music and Incompetech.




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